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As of the 18th April 2022 facemasks are no longer a legal requirement in Scotland. Staff at Holly's Beauty will continue wearing masks where suitable and the usual cleaning and safety procedures remain in place. While we aim to accurately inform you of all of the guidelines and laws surrounding our measures, please ensure to keep yourself updated through official local government or World Health Organisation sources.

All clients are still welcome to wear a facemask if they wish  |   Cashless payment preferred   |   Keep belongings to a minimum   |   All belongings to be place in the sanitised box provided

Attend appointments alone   |   Arrive on time - there is no waiting area   |   


Q. How long should my hair be for waxing treatments?

A. Typically for waxing, body hair should be around the same length as a grain of rice.  If you normally shave you should allow at least 3 weeks growth before your first waxing appointment.

Q. Can I shave between appointments?

A. To achieve any long lasting result from your wax you should leave the razor alone.

Q. Should I trim bikini hair before my wax? 

A. If your bikini hair is long it is advised that you trim the hair to achieve the most comfortable wax possible.

Q. What about ingrown hairs?

A. Regular exfoliation and moisturising is essential for minimising ingrown hairs. Exfoliation will slough away dead skin cells that are blocking new hair from coming through. While regular moisturising will nourish that fresh feeling skin and make it easier for those hairs to come through smoothly

Pre treatment advice

Shower on the day of your wax   |   DO NOT apply moisturiser or sun cream before a wax   |   Wear/bring loose clothing for comfort after your wax   |   Regularly exfoliate and moisturise between wax appointments

DO NOT shave between appointment

Post treatment advice

Wear loose clothing after a wax   |   Avoid applying any creams/lotions/deodorant/make up for 24hours   |   Avoid sunbeds/sun exposure for 48hours   |   Avoid swimming or any strenuous exercise for 24hours

Avoid sexual activities after any bikini waxing   |   Avoid saunas/steam rooms for 48hrs


Q. Do I have to have long nails to have a manicure or polish applied?

A. No, a manicure can be done on most nail lengths. Regular manicures can even help stop nail biting.


Q. Does Shellac/gel polish damage my nails?

A. No, provided that you have the treatment carried out properly and follow ALL aftercare given, your nails will be perfect on removal of CND Shellac.

Q. Why should I use oil on my nails?

A. CND Solar Oil is made up of nourishing oils that soak directly through (not just around) the porous polish, to provide a drip feed of hydration to the whole nail. The more you use it the better the benefit. 

Q. I have/I think I have an infection in my finger/toenail, can I still have manicure/pedicure?

A. If you have been diagnosed with a fungal or other type of infection in a nail or on your foot, unfortunately a manicure/pedicure cannot be carried out until the infection is fully cleared and/or grown out. If at the time of your appointment you have characteristics of an infection, I am within my rights to refuse treatment.

Pre treatment advice

Please remove any nail varnish before your appointment   |   If you have gel polish on that needs removed you must state this when booking   |   Please arrive with clean hands/feet   |   Bring open toed sandals/flip flops for pedicure appointments   |   Payment will be taken before starting manicure appointments   |   Please ensure you are not wearing shoes full of sand to your pedicure appointment

Post treatment advice

Allow sufficient drying time for regular polish   |   Wear sandals/flip flops after pedicures   |   Use CND Solar Oil 2-3 times daily   |   DO NOT pick/peel CND Shellac off   |   DO book a removal appointment for your CND Shellac   |   Wear gloves when cleaning/gardening/washing up   |   DO NOT use your nails as tools


Q. Why do I have to have a patch test?

A.  A patch test minimises the chance of any reaction during or after tint/lift treatments.

Q. How long does a tint or lift treatment last?

A.  For best continued results tint treatments should be redone every 4-6weeks, lift treatments every 8-10weeks.

Pre Treatment Advice

(All eye treatments)

Patch test MUST be carried out at least 48hrs prior to treatment   |   Contact lenses MUST be removed prior to eye treatments   |   Please remove all eye make up before appointment   |   Avoid applying any eye creams serums on the day

Post Treatment Advice


Avoid wearing eye make up for 24hrs   |   Avoid eye creams/serums for 24hrs   |  Avoid rubbing your eyes 


Keep Lashes completely dry for 24hrs   |   Avoid wearing eye make up for 24hrs   |   Avoid rubbing your eyes for 24hrs   |   Avoid any heat treatments (saunas steam rooms) for 48hrs   |   Use Lashus Lash + Brow Elixir regularly to condition your lashes


Pre Treatment Advice

Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment   |   Do not have a massage if you feel ill   |   Avoid applying heavy creams/lotions prior to your treatment   |   

Post Treatment Advice

Drink plenty of water   |   Avoid caffeine + alcohol   |   Avoid strenuous activity   |   Have a massage regularly  

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While I hope to have answered your questions here, if there is anything I've missed please get in touch and I'll be happy to help in any way I can.

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